Facilitated by Jaquie Scammell

& ServiceQ

5 reasons you cannot miss this event!

  • Be ahead in reshaping the future of service skills:
    AI is significantly reshaping the future of work, therefore the skills needed to serve the modern customer. Walk away with a narrative to help you make future employment mix decisions confidently.

  • Master future Service Leadership trends in half a day:

    Dive into physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs of employees and customers as well as cutting-edge leadership concepts. Gain tomorrow's insights today.

  • Network with a large variety of industries and business types:

    Connect with other leaders who face similar challenges, who may offer different ways of thinking. Miss this masterclass, and miss out on important connections.

  • Get a diagnostic and actionable strategies for immediate Service Success:

    This isn’t just another event; it’s a giant diagnostic to

    provide you with 'do-this-now' strategies. We're talking real change, the kind you can start the next morning

  • Lead the evolution of service confidently:

    Don't Just Follow: It's simple: be the one leading the way or the one hearing about it later. Be the pioneer. Create your legacy. You in?

Who's this for?

  • CEOs and C-Suite Executives who are leading through transformation or a competitive customer landscape  

  • HR Professionals building a more service orientated workplace culture

  • Mid – Level Managers who want to build high

    performing teams in relational skills

What's included on the day...

  • Understand the cost and impact of inconsistent quality service standards in the business and how it can impact the company’s long-term success

  • Learn how to define quality service behaviours

    for all job roles and employees

  • Develop a vision and a clear picture of the

    service culture you want to create

  • Create a high-level roadmap of where to start

    overhauling or simply upgrading your service culture to deliver more WOW

  • Receive practical tools, including service

    culture-driving language, habits, mindsets, to effectively drive a service culture change in your business

  • Build confidence in your ability to lead and

    implement a service culture initiative

  • Make a significant contribution to your business culture immediately after attending the masterclass